Thoughts of a 2017 Mission Trip

As I sit to write this, I find myself feeling very blessed, and cannot forget those beautiful faces in Kenya. Those beautiful faces that are young, but have seen so much in their short life, the good and bad, but with stories of the Lord’s amazing grace. Being part of the Hungry 4 Him Board is very personal for me. I have never been on a mission trip in my life, local, or overseas, and honestly never saw myself doing that. My daughter was the missionary, since she is a fulltime one. She went to Kenya 4 years ago and came back with some amazing stories of how the Lord was moving in the lives of the children and teachers. We started to get bibles for those who graduate from 8th grade. Since many may never be able to finish going on to high school or college for that matter without the funds to do so. We started to pray over each child (whose names we were given), and we knew the Lord had a plan, a purpose, for each of them. After she left for full time missions, I continued to get the bibles and pray over those children. As I prayed over the bibles, something began to stir in me from the Lord, so when the opportunity came for me to go to Kenya I could not do anything else but go. Going back to the board of Hungry4Him, these are people who volunteer time to help the less fortunate. Orphans who have nothing, not sure what the future holds but hold on to faith in the Lord. People who love the children and want to help feed, clothe them and want to be sure they have meals and how an education can make a difference. We want to make a difference in their lives and cannot do that without our sponsors. In Kenya over, and over again, I felt the Lord speaking to these children in so many ways. He wanted them to know that their lives matter to Him, and that He loves them very much. Each one is precious to Him and we can all make a difference to give them hope and a future, one child at a time. Barb Roithner, Vice President of Hungry4Him

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