Praying for each other during the morning for the day ahead.

End of the School Year

The children at our partner schools in Kenya did well on their final exams this month! Their school year starts over coming up in Jan 2018. Please pray for wisdom in which children to accept into the program as the oldest graduate/leave. This can be hard as there are so many that need help, but only a few can be picked.

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and thank you to all our partners out there!

October 2017 Newsletter

Dear Hungry4HIM family,

The elections from earlier this year were voided by the Kenyan Supreme Court, so there will be another election on Oct 16. Please be in prayer between now and then, and then after the elections, for peace, fairness, and for God to install whoever He pleases for His purposes.

Trip Report by Jeff Meyer, H4H Board Member

Greetings to Hungry4Him Family, Friends, and Supporters,

Recently I was blessed with another opportunity to visit Kenya, and spend time with Pastor Benard Ondiek, and the teachers, pastors, and nearly 800 children at the Benard’s Vision Schools in Ahero and Wachara. Actually, three teams from Georgia and North Carolina visited Kenya this summer over a six week period, so a great deal of support was being provided to the needs of the ministries there.

For me, this was my fourth trip, and each one seems to surpass the previous. I was able to gather updated information and pictures, and meet new students, teachers, and pastors. I saw the new classrooms, new dining hall, and a new church. Our team was able to provide much needed Bibles, hymn books and teaching supplies. We were able to supplement the hard working, dedicated teachers’ salaries, and provide additional food for the children. What a joy it was to be there and to experience the amazing work that is being done.

With the faithful, longtime support of our H4H family, as well as other ongoing ministries, these orphan children are being fed, educated, cared for, loved, and taught of the Love of Christ. Not merely in words, but in action. “Faith without good deeds is no faith at all” (James 2:17) always comes to mind when I reflect on the work we are all apart of. There are new classrooms, dormitories for children and teachers, better dining facilities, and recreation areas. The children are being fed two meals per day, provided teaching supplies, uniforms, and now some even housing that they can call home. There is a new modern health clinic at the Wachara school that would seem to be an “impossibility” to us, but of course, “Humanly speaking it is impossible. But not with God. Everything is possible with God” (Mark 10:27). Praise Him!

This trip reinforced what I already knew in my heart. That the work, efforts, prayers, and support that our H4H family provide are truly making a difference in the lives of the children in Kenya. Not just from a day to day perspective… but an eternal difference in these lives. Lives, physically and spiritually, are being saved every day. How humbling that God would use us in this way.

Some of our sponsors and family are new, while others have partnered with us for many years. Our H4H board and volunteers thank you all deeply for your faithfulness in support, prayers, and being a part of our mission there. We serve Him together in this work. May our Lord truly bless you. May a special portion of blessings be upon Corinth, Ivy Creek, and Grace Presbyterian Churches for the teams they sent this year. If you would like more info on how to be more involved, or would care to read a more detailed report of my recent trip, you can contact us at or e-mail me directly at and I will be happy to send you my complete report which includes some beautiful pictures of children, teachers, and staff.

Let us stop just saying we love each other, let us really show it in our actions” (1 John 3:18).

Together in Christ,

Jeff Meyer

Director of Sponsorship
Hungry 4 Him Ministries

Trip Highlights

A highlight this month was doing water filtration training with women in the rural communities of Kenya! Thanks to our partnership with Water with Blessings to make this happen. It was humbling to be a part of providing clean water to these families.

Kenya travel

Dear Hungry4HIM family,
As our director and a board member head to Kenya this month we have got a lot going on! We will be visiting with the staff/students/guardian families at the orphan schools, doing water project work in the community, and doing some professional filming. Last minute we were fortunate to have an accomplished film producer jump on board to also head over to Kenya and meet our staff. He will be getting content for our ministry to start producing some better quality videos to share with all of you! This is something we have always wanted to do from a film standpoint but never had the means until now.

We will have a lot more updates when we return from Kenya later in April that we look foward to sharing! God Bless and look forward to communicating back to you what all He does.

In Christ
The Hungry4HIM team

Spring Update!

Dear Hungry4HIM family,
We pray that all of you are having a blessed week filled with peace no matter what the circumstances. Without all of you praying and supporting this ministry we would not be able to help meet not only physical needs but share the love of Christ to the fatherless of the world! We continually feel honored to be a part of this in whatever capacity.

Update on the Children
The national school strike has resided and most schools public/private are functioning normally at this time for which we praise God! All the children have begun a new school year in Kenya and we are excited to get back over and see them all! Pray for those who graduated from the programs that they would take the word of the Lord that was taught and apply it to the rest of their lives. Also continue to pray for the current staff that continues to teach/minister to these kids even though they might have higher paying opportunities elsewhere.

Water Project Updates

Had a great time in Kansas City meeting with some dedicated folks from Agua Viva International and Water with Blessings about implementing large and small scale water filter systems in Kenya! Over 24,000 children under the age of 5 die every day due to water born diseases. Excited to implement these this year at our partner school locations and communities!

School Starts

Dear Hungry4HIM family,

We are excited as we enter the new year on what plans God has for us in the ministry! At this time the children at our partner schools in Western Kenya are starting up what is their new calendar school year. There will be new incoming children to the program and saying good-bye to those who graduated out of it last December. It is a time of a lot of transition and moving parts. Pray for wisdom of the Kenyan leaders on the ground as they make difficult decisions.

At this time contracts are re-negotiated with the teachers and staff at the schools. It is always difficult especially in Kenya to keep good teachers for little pay as the government schools are competitive. Many of the teachers at the orphan schools are not there for the money but have a heart for the children. Please pray for the staff who willingly give of themselves each year to keep this ministry going!