discipling children of poverty in Western Kenya


Basic Needs

Two hot meals per day, clothing and shelter


Beyond the classroom, we care for those who provide for these children--community care

Quality Education

Loving teachers, high quality standards and biblically-based curriculum

100% Commitment

Every dollar given for the needs of the children does exactly that. We cover our stateside expenses in other ways.

Tools To Succeed

Our goal is to give each student the tools they need to succeed in a life-time of learning


We work closely with Kenyan leaders to facilitate their goals and ministries.


Child Sponsorship

Teacher Sponsorship

Sustainability Projects

Expansion Projects

What We Do

Our desire is come along side Kenyan leaders to enhance their ministry. The majority¬†of our role is to raise awareness and financial support for what they are doing. Since 2004 we have provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to assist them in establishing a viable educational model centered on God’s Word.


You can sponsor a child for $25 per month. Your consistent donation will be used to meet the needs of the school and all the children who benefit from it. We will give you one child’s name, picture and biographical information so that you can have a real face and name to lift in prayer. Perhaps you would even visit Benard’s Vision School at some point in the future to meet this student and show them God’s love yourself.


We have fantastic educators on staff at Benard’s Vision School. They consistently lead the school to rank in the Top Five Schools in all of Western Kenya. However, they are not paid anywhere near what they could make if they worked at a government school. Nonetheless, they enjoy being at BVS. For $25 per month you could help us ensure that we retain the best teachers and administrators in the area.


Building programs, expansion projects and other sustainability ventures are always in the works. As the school gains favor from community leaders, it also grows in numbers. The students are making their way into high school, but we need the resources to provide that level of education at government standards.

Want to help us expand? Make a one-time or ongoing donation to these expansion needs!

We would love to hear from you

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